☆ Take Care Of You ☆

☆ Take Care Of You ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK...wishing you a peaceful Good Friday, if you practice a Christian faith.

I must confess (see what I did there...lol?) that although I was born & raised in the Roman Catholic church...I do consider myself to be more 'spiritual' rather than 'religious' today...as 'The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset' that I was divinely gifted with...which incorporates elements of Universal spirituality...has served me very well to escape my mental health darkness naturally...when nothing else did, for over 8 years now. It has served countless clients & audiences too ♡

To me, Jesus was truly an exemplary human...someone who inspires me to BE LOVE as he simply was PURE LOVE...even at the temple when he was quite badass!

So back to our regularly scheduled program...lol! Today's message is simply a quick reminder to practice self care on a consistent basis.

I believe that your mission in this lifetime is to be vigilant of your personal vibration. When you vibe low, it becomes 'job 1' for you to 'raise your vibration', virtually before you do anything else.

You see when you are not taking great care of you...you can dip into 'Crap Magnet Zone' very easily, and when you do, whatever you touch can turn to CRAP.

You really ARE that powerful. Your personal vibration affects EVERYTHING!

During this holiday weekend, if you find yourself sad, angry or irritable, consider removing yourself for a while to work on raising your vibration...far from the madding crowd.

Excuse yourself for a bit... perhaps even feign a headache to go lie down... consider plugging into some peaceful & healing music, do a little meditation, read a passage from an inspiring book, journal your feelings, write out some things you are grateful for.

Simply take some inspired action & do whatever you can to raise your vibration... because your personal vibration is THAT important...it affects not only your peace of mind, but also the people and situations around you.

DO your best to BE your best by taking extremely great care of YOU & have a most magical holiday weekend ☆

Message me back to share your thoughts or results from taking any suggestions here if you wish!

At Your Service,


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