SO Grateful For Your Vote

SO Grateful For Your Vote

So today's message is a special one as it's a BIG thank you if you have voted for me (and my team) and also heart felt thank you in advance if you can now (daily till Sunday too) ♡

My passion to win a highly coveted Mompreneur Award in 2020 is HUGE as it will give nationwide visibility to The Love Your Vibe Transformation.

This is a wonderful movement that enables powerful Lightworker heart-centred beautiful souls who have had a unique transformation themselves and now wish to support others to go from where they are to where they want to beautiful 2020 ☆

It is a joy and privilege to simply be the face of The Love Your Vibe Transformation as THEY are the heart & soul of it ♡

They will be 'holding space' for their tribe's transformation...for them to live and integrate, implement...INFUSE...The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset Transformational Teachings and Tools (the MAGIC that saved my life) as well as each individual 'Mentor's Magic'...that served them year long programs called Miracle Mindset Masterminds.

These beautiful souls are SO excited to serve their tribes become deeply 'Themselves 2.0'!

It is a most affordable personal development system done in warm & caring yet fierce community where everyone is safe, seen, celebrated and supported.♡

This type of environment has been shown to be SO important for great mental and physical health as loneliness (especially the loneliness that comes from being not fully SEEN from others in our midst...even family and friends) has become a BIG issue in our society...also especially needed in today's "digital age' more than ever.

Knowing that you are voting to shine a brighter light on this movement, I hope makes you feel really wonderful ☆

Please do share this with anyone who may be inspired to vote as well!

We bow in deep gratitude to you ♡

Here is the link:

At Your Service,



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