Shine Even Brighter

Shine Even Brighter's message is a reminder that you have a Purpose bigger than anyone's judgments & opinions.

How DARE anyone try to diminish your light simply because they don't fully GET you...or worse...they GET you...and it might bother or intimidate them.

If you try to express yourself, and feel dependent on approval from your 'inner circle’ of your worthiness...from people who may not know or care to acknowledge you...your self opinion can waiver or become nonexistent...this is a very 'low vibration’ from which to live.

I believe that you will attract CRAP if you continue to live from this state. Trust me...I speak from experience.

When you have the courage to shift to a place of living authentically, mainly from 'self worthiness' you need not give away your power to judgment from anyone...including those closest to you.

When I began my journey of growth & transformation...becoming more & more self expressed...even becoming a professional jazz artist at 2 best friends began judging me.

I never felt: safe, seen, celebrated or supported around them. I had people pleased them for their love & approval since we were girls. I hid my light, as I got the subtle message that it was too bright for them.

When I got present to this dynamic, it took years to actually break away from both of these friendships so that I would not drown in a 'sea of judgment' and needing to 'play small' for their comfort and approval. I managed to break away...took my power back...and now I no longer attract this type of person in my life.

In fact at 58, I now have an AMAZING 'inner circle'. I am happier than I have ever been. I also began earning a lot more income virtually right away when I started loving these people from a safe distance and not my 'inner circle'. This shift felt like a miracle ☆

It became very clear to me that we need to consciously choose relationships where we truly feel:
safe, seen, celebrated & supported. Where we need not 'dim our light' to make others more comfortable.

This is why 'The Love Your Vibe Transformation'...the unique personal development SOULution I founded...for kind & heart-centred souls...who have given away their power too many be loved & accepted... includes conscious & empowered community where everyone is: safe, seen, celebrated & I believe this is crucial for personal growth ♡

I'm very excited to announce that we launch OFFICIALLY in a very special FB Group called 'Retreat & Recreate to Evolve & Elevate Group’ LIVE daily from 1-1:30pm from Dec 17-21!

Please join us at:
if you wish to learn more!

Let's not dull our light for ANYONE.
Let's consciously choose to surround ourselves with those who value our light and we can joyfully support each other to grow & shine even brighter in our Purpose...YES?!

Hope to see you LIVE in our wonderful FB Group!

At Your Service,


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