She Matters Still

She Matters Still

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauties!

I hope this INBOXpiration finds you well and not in too bad a 'candy hangover' right now!

SO today's message goes out to some women. Fellas & non-moms, please feel free to share with the moms in your life, if you feel called to.

Too many wonderful moms have confessed to me that they feel their soul purpose was to be a raise a happy healthy child(dren).

If this is you too, I challenge you to the possibility that there is a Bigger Purpose in you that you may not have even considered.

Who were you before you became a mom? What did you LOVE doing as a child? What activity made you lose track of time? What made you feel most like yourself?

These are some good questions you can ask yourself to help you dig deeper to discover passions which lead to Purpose...what STILL needs to be actualized in this life time for you to be self-actualized & 'complete'.

If you feel even the slightest tug at your heart & soul that there MUST be more than to you than being a loving mom... and whatever else you identify with... then there's a pretty good chance that you are RIGHT.

What do you need to overcome in order to courageously step forward into a fresh new perspective on you?

Might you need to battle the 'I'm not good enough' gremlins that attack your self confidence and are all too typical for the majority of us?

Might you need to combat the 'I'm too old now, what will people think if I start taking ________(fill in the blank) lessons now?' unkind ego voice in your head?

If you feel that this message was not sent by coincidence... please hit reply & message me back...and share with me any commitment you wish to make to yourself, as the Universe favours the bold.

I would love to witness your powerful words can manifest WORLDS ☆

At Your Service,


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