Respond vs. React

Respond vs. React

Respond vs. React

So today’s message is actually one I borrowed from my dearest mentor, friend and passionate cheerleaders…the one & only, Eiji Morishita ☆

His wisdom goes very deep and I passionately take it all in as it’s balm for my soul ♡

Here’s what he said today:

Respond vs. React

“Reactions are automatic and filled with emotions.

When emotions go up, intelligence goes down.

Responding is where you make a conscious choice.

It can be just a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days where you allow your emotions to settle, to make a powerful choice.

Remember you are not obligated to respond right away.

That’s ‘people-pleasing’.

Don’t allow people to emotionally manipulate you”.

Isn’t that just brilliant?

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