Release The Drama

Release The Drama

Release The Drama


so today’s message is longer than usual…and I hope it offers you a new perspective that might serve you or someone you love ♡

I shared my Story on my Social Media platforms a few days ago on ‘Pink Shirt Day’…a day to honour a group of teens on the East Coast who stood up for a fellow student who wore a ’pink shirt’ and got bullied. What a beautiful show of solidarity & kindness ♡

My Story highlights a different approach in supporting ‘anti-bullying’. ‘Being kind’ and ‘not bullying’ is an important message for sure…don’t get me wrong.

However, I’m suggesting that to practice true kindness & compassion towards another…we must do our own ’inner work’ in order to learn true kindness & compassion towards ourselves first.

If this was a 'new normal', I believe that ‘bullying’ could become a thing of the past.

I’m inviting you to consider more of a ‘radical responsibility’ approach.

>>>>Did you know that I was bullied virtually my whole life till my lates 40’s?


I believe that it’s because I was an ‘imposter’. I lived out of alignment. I didn’t have the courage to become FULLY self-expressed.

I was a sensitive ‘people pleaser’ who virtually always felt like a ‘victim’ and easily gave away her ‘personal power’ to be accepted & loved. Flash forward to today…where I’m privileged be the founder of ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ Personal Development SOULution for heart-centred people ♡

This simple yet powerful system is based on the ‘Love Your Vibe/Miracle Mindset’ that was divinely gifted to me when I ‘hit rock bottom’, after 2 years of 2 adult 'bullying dramas' in 2 different areas of my 6 figure ‘successful looking’ corporate life.

The ensuing humiliation & shame that led to depression, anxiety & panic disorder for 2 solid years nearly killed me.

When I realized that I was the ‘common denominator’, my whole life transformed radically. Without drugs. Without therapy.

I ‘walked my talk’ and suddenly I became ‘teflon to bullies’.

My whole life opened up ☆

I became a Miracle Mindset CoacHealer (lifecoach) & had the courage to leave my 6 figure imposter corporate life and become a pro jazz musician at 51.

I turned my beading hobby to a cool jewelry business.

Virtually every one of my dreams became a reality!

My ego that nearly killed our marriage for many years (as that’s what lack of alignment does) stopped running my show. Today in year 32, our marriage is a 'Dream-Come-True' ♡♡

I want this for the world!

I have an AMAZING team of Lightworker leaders who are now facilitating beautiful small communities globally to ‘love their vibes’ to become ‘Miracle Magnets’ too!

‘Pink Shirt Day’ brings awareness to 'BE KIND and NOT BULLY'.

What if we could learn to NOT fall prey to the ‘bully/victim drama’…so we need NOT be bullied?

How might THAT change the game?

It certainly changed mine.

I would love to hear if you or someone you care about experienced bullying. Just hit Reply & let’s chat!

At Your Service,

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