Purpose vs. Career

Purpose vs. Career

Purpose vs. Career

OK  …I was guided to share this short & sweet message today with at least one person (as always). Is it YOU? Is it someone you care for?

Consider that there is Career & then there is Purpose.

Sometimes our Career IS connected to our Purpose. Sometimes NOT.

If NOT…I invite you to consider who MUST you become in order to step into your Higher Purpose, what you were brought here to do in THIS lifetime?

THIS is one passionate area of my expertise… where I get to flow in my Genius Zone.

I am OBSESSED with helping heart-centred midlife humans who have had very successful careers find THEIR Purpose & Authentic Power ☆

They need not even leave their careers when they connect to THEIR True Genius… or eventually, they might wish to.

Please hit Reply… as I might be able to serve & support you or someone near & dear to you… so you need NOT die with your REAL MUSIC still in you ♡

Sadly, statistics show that most will never do their Inner Work so they get to achieve their Life Mission/Purpose. 

Please…don’t be one of them.

No amount of money can satisfy like Purpose can satisfy ☆

At Your Service,


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