Purpose Fills

Purpose Fills

Purpose Fills

OK...so today's message is a  powerful one ☆

You see, I watch countless people chase ideals and values that do NOT belong to THEM.

Do you see them too?

Is it any wonder that SO many of us struggle in the 'dark places'?

In general, we are SO busy chasing cars (not literally...lol) homes, vacations, clothes, job titles, money,  trophy spouses, power & fame...and the next 'shiny object', that we believe will fill a gaping HOLE inside us and make us feel WHOLE.

When, ultimately, none of those things bring us joy, love & peace...we can too easily turn to habits & addictions we believe WILL fill us up.

I trust you are not ignorant of them. For example, I'm sure you have watched celebrity after celebrity create their own downfall...yes?

Many of them (and us) will actually get sick physically and/or mentally as we live SO unaligned.

I believe that the 'missing link' is in connecting to our Purpose. Everyone has one, as no one was born randomly into this world without a reason for making it a better place.

Oprah Winfrey tells us: "Our purpose is to connect to our Purpose...and to humbly serve the world with it".

Do you know YOUR Purpose?

Do you know WHY you were brought to our world in this lifetime?

Do you have an idea of WHAT you can do to make it a better place?

Will you let the Universe show you the HOW & WHEN?

Doing our 'Inner Work' allows us to clear away all the crap that ISN'T us...so the bright and enlightened version of us gets to show up & SHINE in OUR Purpose. We feel WHOLE ☆

Are you on your path to living as your 'Aligned & Authentic & Fully Expressed' self?  Where,.. rather than leave this world with your REAL MUSIC still in you,  the world is made better by YOU and YOUR Purpose?

I'm fully here to support YOU on your beautiful journey to WHOLENESS and leave behind the impact of that dreadful HOLE (that only your purpose can fill) .

I invite you to Hit Reply or click here now to book a complimentary call with me,....as THIS is MY PURPOSE! ♡

At Your Service,


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