OK today's message is an invitation to a beautiful Peace Conference!

I'm blessed to be opening up the conference with a sacred sound healing and blessing at 10:15 am EST on September 11 ♡

How do we prepare ourselves for a peace filled future?

How do we be true to ourselves and maintain inner peace in all the areas for our life - at any given moment?

I believe that when we do our 'Inner Work'...our own peace can actually transform our planet ♡

When my friend and colleague, Mimi, shared with me that she is hosting a conference and membership program called PEACE: The PULSE of Humanity Global Conference, I knew I wanted to be one of the contributors!At PEACE: the Pulse of humanity Global Conference you will find methods, tools and training that WORK.

At PEACE: the pulse of Humanity you won't find hippy theories or practices.

This event is guaranteed to give you a leg up or a push into finding Inner Peace and its practical uses in everyday life from experienced speakers dedicated to helping others in living their best lives.

Why? Because they've been in your shoes before, and now they're passing on their experience of success and peace to you!

Save your spot and join me and the lineup of can't-miss speakers LIVE, September 11th, from 10-4 EST.

Click here to Join us on the mission to impact peace on the planet!

PS. Oh, and have I mentioned that you get a 27% discount as someone in my network?

Coupon Code: ELVIRA10OFF

At Your Service,

"When individuals have Inner peace, the world has outer peace."

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