Peace Festival


Peace Festival

OK , how important is 'World Peace' to you?

I've been asked to share my hopeful message of creating 'World Peace' as a speaker at this beautiful global festival ♡

The Ekam World Peace Festival is the largest meditation gathering in the world - bringing together over 20 million people online in a collective effort to initiate global consciousness towards peace.

For 3 days (September 17-19, 6 PM IST) participants around the globe will meditate for 55 minutes, focusing on one major issue the world is currently struggling with:

Day 1 - Peaceful healing economic unrest
Day 2 - Peace for healing division
Day 3 - Peace for healing the planet

Click here to watch a short video on the amazing vision of the Ekram World Peace Festival

This video highlights the Peace Festival that happened last year.I am so honoured to be part of this massive initiative to bring about world peace for ALL humanity and fulfilling on my WHY. ♡

We know the world is facing a pandemic of never before proportions and it is a period of great anxiety and stress, but it is also the time for evolution within; towards greater compassion, responsibility and peace.

I invite you, my community for PEACE, to click here and join me as a peacemaker for this GRAND vision by participating in the live stream: 55 minute meditation on any or all of the remaining days (September 18th and 19th).

You may also Click Here for a more detailed invitation.


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