Oh dear, Canada

Oh dear, Canada

Oh dear, Canada

 I wish to share that I DO love this country I live in, called Canada.

It welcomed my family & I back in 1967 with open arms.

I do not want to appear ungrateful…and yet I know too much now that I cannot “unknow”.

So today, I am choosing to use this FAB FRIDAY/Blog platform to share my thoughts & feelings.

Do you realize that colonialism isn’t something that only happened long ago?

It actually continues to be embedded in the legal, political & economic context of Canada today.

Here is a great article shared with me by my dear colleague & co-creator of The Love Your Vibe Transformation, Eleanor Hayward.

I invite you to consider what it is that YOU can do to serve & support these 94 ‘Calls To Action’ to bring Truth & Reconciliation to the harm done to our Indigenous brothers & sisters over hundreds of years.


I personally donated to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society: 


I also follow and have learned a lot from this IG account @onecanadaproject, and I recommend you follow them too, to become more informed.


When we know better, we do better.

I will not be donning the ‘red & white’ this year.

I will be wearing black (orange is another option…I just don’t own orange clothing) today.

Please consider joining me…in solidarity.

Please Hit Reply and share your thoughts so I can witness you…if you wish ♡

At Your Service,


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