Not Your Fault

Not Your Fault

Not Your Fault

OK , today’s message is a gentle reminder that may serve & support your journey to healing & optimal wellness!  

If like me, you identify as a heart-centered human, chances are pretty great that you have given your power away to people, circumstances & things…at some point…either consciously or unconsciously. 

And it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that you have been to ‘the dark’ more times than you care to admit. Am I right?

I have news. 

Virtually ALL of us have. 

It’s not YOUR fault.

However, how you choose to move forward IS your responsibility.

Have you been able to move past any trauma, by taking responsibility for your healing?

Have you been to therapy? 

Have you used another modality?

If you care to hit Reply, please share what you have experienced, and if there are any gaps, I might be able to serve or support you with recommendations that could include my services…or not.

I have an extensive ‘Rolodex’ of professionals at my fingertips that I can recommend you to, if I’m intuitively guided to. 



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