Not Your Door

Not Your Door

OK *|FNAME|*….today’s message is a gentle reminder for many of us who have been Control Freaks…or struggled with Victim Mindset…wanting things to be Our Way.
In the past, I was very ego led and insisted that people show up a certain way, for my comfort & sense of control.
I banged on too many doors thinking they were my doors when really my ego tried to assert control for its safety & security,  due to old patterns & childhood trauma, where I did not feel safe.
Back then, I felt the need to push my way through situations and relationships…where I simply could have LET GO…for Inner Peace ♡
Can you relate a little? A lot?

I invite you to the possibility that if you are banging on doors that are NOT opening… are they even YOUR doors?

Please stop shrinking to fit into doors that are not yours to enter.

Consider that People Pleasing in ways that contort you out of alignment with your authentic Heart & Soul …just to fit in and be liked/loved and get your needs met through Outer Validation is giving your Personal Power away.

I believe you ARE better than that. Do you believe it too?

What relationships or situations in your life feel sticky to you?
Have you experienced a rejection that you took very personally, especially as a sensitive soul… that might have actually been a Blessing In Disguise?
When you learn to ‘Love Your Vibe’…you learn how to let go
of trauma…and notice that the Universe is generally a very benevolent place that has your back.
You learn that things are likely happening For You Not To You, to prepare you for your greater Purpose in this lifetime.
If you struggle a lot with ‘victim mindset’ & ‘whoa is me’ thinking… and you know you deserve better, just Hit Reply and let’s chat.
If you like, I can share about how my AMAZING team of heart-centred humans who facilitate our unique personal development SOULution: ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’, might be able to serve you too as a fellow heart-centred human ♡
We passionately believe that you are here to be happier, healthier, have better relationships, achieve your dreams & serve humanity in a way that only YOU can ☆
At Your Service,

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