Not Rejection

Not Rejection

Not Rejection

OK I invite you to try this fierce concept on for size.

What if every time you felt rejection, you actually experienced it as a something better?

What might your life be like?

Perspective is everything...wouldn't you agree?

I have personally struggled with fear of rejection in a mighty way virtually my whole life.

I was the people-pleasing child, & later adult, who feared rejection & abandonment in a very raw & real (or so it felt) way growing up. I needed outer validation like I needed oxygen.

Life was exhausting back then.

Thankfully, today I operate in an entirely different way.

As I choose to 'love my vibe' daily, I feel that things are usually happening FOR me and not TO me.

Therefore rejection can simply be a something better☆

Does that feel lighter in your body?

Hit Reply and let me know you resonate ♡

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