Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok Elvira...I sincerely hope you have been enjoying your little pieces of inspiration each Friday in your inbox ☆

They truly do not come from me...I simply channel these short messages from my Higher Power, guides, ancestors, angels and ALL other beings who serve me to serve you, from another realm ♡

This week the message & offer is quite simple.

Do you block or resist success....the life of YOUR dreams...and connection to your PURPOSE?

I know I was personally meant to survive my Crap Magnet to Miracle Magnet Story of how I lived as an imposter...inauthentically for 27 years and 2 careers...first as a medical lab technologist (to gain parental approval) and then a multi-award-winning pharmaceutical rep (where I got hubby and the world's approval)...well paying glamorous careers that sucked my soul dry...turned me into a victim where I attracted not one but TWO bullies...and the ensuing depression, anxiety and panic disorder...that nearly killed me.

I believe I was not meant to suffer in vain. I know I experienced my own transformation to simply be the container where others could transform faster in a less lonely way.

Virtually every one of my dreams has come true...including childhood dreams of singing on swanky jazz stages with top notch musicians and also creating & selling beautiful jewellery that is sold globally.

If you look like a ROCKSTAR by worldly standards...but you TRULY wish to feel like one on the inside, please check out my FREE offer next Monday and Tuesday at

Here to serve you, as always,


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