More Self Care

More Self Care

Would it be fair to admit that you are a little overwhelmed with all the news on Covid 19/Corona Virus?

I was guided to remind you that during challenging and unstable times, virtually the only thing you can control is your reaction to them.

You can protect yourself to some degree...but there is not a 100% guarantee that you will not fall ill.

The best you can do is stay calm and practice great hygiene and the best self love/self care. This will increase your chances that in the event that you should be exposed...your powerful immune system (you've built strong through great daily practices) will have a better chance at fighting it quickly and get you back to normal.

Were you aware that epigenetics studies, such as those of Dr. Bruce Lipton (cell biologist) reveal that our cells' environment reveals our cell's expression?

For example, things like immunity and whether a cancer gene is on or off are influenced by our thoughts and conversations (positive or negative).

I believe that your most important work in this lifetime is being aware of and keeping your vibration high whenever possible. This helps you fight disease faster...or never even get it in the first place.

Imagine what the world would look like if we ALL 'loved our vibe'? Ie: we practiced self love & self care...
moved towards positive & healthy relationships...let go of toxic ones...and as a result our vibration would be on high more often than not?

I believe we would all be much healthier...body, mind and spirit...and it life would be truly more beautiful.

This is the world I want my grandchildren to live in.

How about you?

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