Miracle Marriage

Miracle Marriage

Miracle Marriage

OK...so today's message serves as inspiration for you if you are married and you are struggling. If you are not, you can stop reading now, and I wish you a most blessed day ♡

32 years ago yesterday I married the most WONDERFUL man on Planet Earth ☆

Sadly, for many years I did not GET that I was the luckiest woman in the world, as I was too busy chasing modern day ideals that kept me living a lie...out of alignment with who I truly was.

I worked in the pharmaceutical industry where it was ALL about how much we produced, and there was a LOT of pressure on accomplishment and outer validation of our worth.

There was a LOT of competition to be good looking and popular too, as those people seemed to get the promotions.

There was very little interest in simply & joyfully being myself back then. If I was valued in my company, then I was valuable.

My ego seriously ran my show back then and I did not know how to live any other way.

I had addictions big & small that shielded me from having to feel my yucky feelings that arose as a result of living as an imposter.

For example, my ego needed  outer validation SO much that men picked up on this, and would offer it.

Clearly this was not conducive to a happy marriage. Many pharma reps struggled in their marriages because of this too. God only knows how my beautiful man put up with me. I had expectations of his behaviour that were completely unreasonable.

Some major breakdowns happened. Our marriage was hell for many years.

Through our 'Inner Work' those breakdowns led to breakthroughs!

We are now living proof that a 'Hell On Wheels' marriage CAN actually become a 'Heaven On Earth' marriage ♡

Me doing my 'Love Your Vibe' 'Inner Work', that I live, preach & teach, where I learned to separate from my ego and live as my 'True/Authentic/Higher Self' completely transformed me and then our marriage ♡♡

Learning to live 'Aligned  Authentic & FULLY Self Expressed' led my beloved hubby, who had been very reluctant to ANY of this 'Inner Work' for many years, to actually dive into his own sacred journey too ☆

And THAT is WHY we were meant to survive circumstances that break most marriages up.

'Magic & Miracles' TRULY began for us only within the last 10 years after I stepped away from my corporate ROCKSTAR career to live my TRUTH as a coach, artist & healer in my 'Authentic Act 2'.

I believe that it is NEVER too late for ANY of us.

If you are struggling and know you are here for MORE...ie: more marital & personal happiness & success...'Hit Reply' and let's have a vulnerable (I will give you as many nitty gritty details of what we survived, if you wish) conversation, that might lead to a breakthrough in YOUR life & marriage too ♡

Today, my beautiful man and I do not take 'Our Miracle Marriage' for granted...for even a second.

We want this for YOU and for the world!

At Your Service,


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