☆ Love Is All ☆

☆ Love Is All ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Today's message is short and sweet...and I hope that you recognize it as your truth as well.

I've experienced some people challenging me recently...doing what seemed to be their best at lowering my vibration.

The old me would have probably gone to a dark place and gotten involved in the drama of the situations and people that confronted me.

The new me decided to simply see the people and situations through the lens of LOVE ♡

Consider that everyone is truly doing the very best that they can from their state of conciousness. If they knew better, they would do better ☆

When you can see that what people do is rarely about you...it's easier to simply love them and let the rest go ♡

Love...is one of highest vibration states you can live in. I invite you to choose it as often as you can...for your peace of heart & mind ♡

Do you resonate? Hit reply if you wish to weigh in on this...I welcome your thoughts beautiful soul!

At Your Service,


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