Live YOUR truth

Live YOUR truth

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, as my messages feel repetitive...don't you think? Lol!

But heck, I don't decide what to say! I'm simply inspired every Thursday night and I stay out of my own f'n (fear 'n ego) way and deliver the message in whichever way I'm asked to share it.

Does this make sense? Just a small housekeeping point...I'm simply a channel. My Higher Power/Creator uses me and I just transcribe. I also believe we can ALL do this, it's a choice.

Alrighty then...back to biz, so what does living YOUR truth mean to YOU?

Are you in fact doing it? If not, why?

I challenge you to get real quiet and meditate on this question.

Ask I living my truth, my parent's truth, society's truth or someone else's truth (friend, partner or corporation)?

You see, I've noted over and over, and personally experienced, that when we do not love and value ourselves as much as we could, we buy into other's ideals/truths for us rather than tapping into what it is that WE truly desire.

This is a dangerous slippery slope as we can give our power away to others, becoming dependent on what they think of us...and it becomes a challenge to live OUR TRUTH.

We can even get sick...mentally or physically and develop addictions BIG and small, we become beings living 'out of alignment'.

In the final OUR TRUTH is the only thing that can truly bring us health and joy. Living someone else's is people pleasing and giving away our power.

I lived and breathed living everyone else's truth. Today I live the complete opposite and EVERY area of my life is thriving.

This work to connect with your authentic heart and soul is SO worth it.... trust me. I will sing it's praises till I die.

Connect with YOUR truth beautiful soul. Live with JOY ☆

Feel free to hit REPLY and let me know how this message landed for you today!

At Your Service,


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