Let Go 

Let Go

Let Go 

OK  …first off, I wish you a blessed holiday, if you are celebrating ♡

All the very best to you and yours!

I am inspired to share this with you today.

Statistics show that most of us have been raised by unconscious parents who more than likely did the best that they could, yet their words & actions are imprinted in our minds. 

Unless we consciously release old patterns, beliefs, conditioning & stories, we are fated to stay STUCK in some ways, in our lives.

Have you ever heard the expression “What happens to you is NOT your fault,  yet it IS your responsibility to heal”?

I’m going to be really straight. Most people will NOT choose a Concious Path…a path of healing and growth, where they take the time to examine their ‘old stuff’, unpack it, and set it down, as it does not serve them anymore. 

Actually did it ever… other than staying small for their parents comfort?

Most will deal with all their discomfort by numbing out or distract themselves in a myriad of ways such as: overeating, overdrinking, overworking, overmedicating, overscrolling, overshopping, overjudging, overcontrolling, gambling, pornography, sex addiction, anger issues…etc. 

Most will spend their lives trying to escape the gremlins in their mind.

I invite you to NOT be one of THEM.

The solution or as I like to say SOULution is to do your Inner Work ☆ 

You can do it in different WAYS.

The WAY that came through me when ALL the other WAYS failed at my rock bottom, where I wanted to end my life, saved my life, sanity and marriage… quickly and naturally. 

It allowed me to shift into a place where I actually manifested my virtual every dream include my most precious childhood dream, as I became a now award-winning pro jazz artist at 51!

You see, I grew up in a very harsh environment. My parents were lovely yet hurting people, and they were very unhappy having immigrated to Canada, and I beared the brunt of their unhappiness. 

I was judged & criticized constantly as I was not controllable. I was always too much and never enough. 

Yet eventually they beat me into submission.

I became the good girl who put her own dreams aside to become what they needed me to be, for their comfort & approval. 

However, doing things THEIR way nearly killed me. 

I was however destined to live through ALL of it to show other kind, sensitive & heart-centred humans who have also been abused, that it is NEVER TOO LATE to RETURN to YOU…your AUTHENTIC SELF…who you WERE before the world told you WHO you should be.

I will be 61 this year, and I believe that my life is just beginning! I have SO much hope for a the future!

Do you feel this way too? Are you REALLY excited about YOUR future?

If not dear siSTAR, and you would appreciate some loving guidance & support on your journey, I invite you to make the REST of your life, the BEST of your life!

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