Last Call

Last Call

Last Call

OK ….today’s short message is a gentle & final LAST CALL reminder for you or for you to share with someone you care about to: ‘Leap Into Your New Life’ to make the REST of your life, the BEST of your life ♡

Our invitation is to hop on board the ‘Beta Train’ as my dear partner Lisa Kelly & I will never price it this low with this many ‘Beta Bonuses’ (worth more than the cost of the entire 3 month program).☆

We are deeply committed to co-serving heart-centred women over 40 who KNOW that they are here for MORE, and wish for some support on their ‘Inner Work’ ♡

If you or your friend are able to fly with us beginning THIS Monday evening, I am offering YOU one of 3 ADDED LAST MINUTE BONUSES such as a 1 hr, 1:1 coaching call with me, a 1:1 sacred soundhealing with me, or some one of a kind handmade Blissed Out Bling as a THANK YOU for the introduction ☆

Here is your link…please ask me any questions or tell me what you think by hitting Reply.

You’re WORTH IT!!!

At Your Service, 



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