☆ Keep Your Power ☆

☆ Keep Your Power ☆

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

So today's message is for mainly for my sisters. I trust some men might relate too ♡

Dear one, if you are anything like me, a kind, heart-centred and sensitive soul, you have shape-shifted yourself into what you believed you had to become in order to be liked, accepted and loved. Can you relate?

I believe that this way of being is no longer a healthy option today, as living out of alignment with who we truly are can actually induce mental and physical health ailments. It can hurt our important relationships too.

My people pleasing/imposter ways triggered mental health issues for most of my life...it was a familial pattern.

I've spoken to people who believe that they actually triggered their own cancer and other physical health issues as well.

I know that my personal experience with being bullied in my mid forties and also nearly killing my beautiful marriage
(30 years this past June) was also sparked by me living out of alignment with my heart & soul and my ego wreaked havoc...bigtime.

Have you also tried fitting into other people's boxes... contorted yourself to meet their needs & expectations and not always been true to yourself?

Maya Angelou told us: "When we know better, we do better".

We CAN do better beautiful soul!

I would love you to check out my short video...hit 'reply' and let me know if you resonate.

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