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We messed up the previous newsletter sent last Friday. We already hit the send button before we noticed. You may or may not have received it, but here’s the correct version!

Today, I’m inviting you to honour yourself with some beautiful healing & growth for you or for you to share with someone you care about ♡

My beloved team of Eleanor Hayward & Jennifer Hawkins… joined forces when Covid hit to co-develop ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ …a beautiful personal development SOULution for heart-centred humans ♡♡

Virtually every person who graduates from the 6-month mentoring program wishes to facilitate this beautiful modality…along with their OWN modalities on my beautiful & powerful platform.

Why? Because it WORKS.

This past week, Eleanor,  Jennifer & I have gone LIVE in our fabulous FB Group: Miracle Magnet Zone

To share just a few of the teachings & tools that saved me at my rock bottom…when I didn’t wish to go on living, and I was told that they were NOT just for me…they were divinely gifted to me, for me to share with the world ☆

The incredible feedback we received was very beautiful & very humbling. 

I’m blessed to say that I didn’t have to share this SOULution by myself as this dynamic duo are now training our beautiful team of apprentices…so they ALL get to serve heart-centred humans to do their Inner Work of healing & evolving in lovely small (8 & under) communities where everyone is: Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported ♡

We wish to help heart-centred humans let go of who they are NOT so they can become who they truly ARE…their BEST, most aligned, authentic & FULLY self-expressed selves ☆

We feel that by doing this, we can actually help to co-create Heaven-on-Earth ♡

I invite you to check out our videos in our Group if you are curious to try on some of our very empowering teachings & tools…like a new coat and see if they feel better than your old coat. If so, keep it on!

If this feels aligned, our EARLY BIRD BONUS ends TONIGHT @ MIDNIGHT!

We would LOVE your feedback on our program.

Feel free to ask me ANYTHING. Just Hit Reply!

At Your Service, 


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