Home Run

Home Run

OK…at the risk of boring you…lol…I’m humbled & honored to share that my fabulous team’s & my ‘5 Day Miracle Mindset Invitation’ was a HOME RUN ☆

My beloved & brilliant MVP siSTAR Eleanor Hayward just posted this today, so I’m resharing it in hopes that you gain a better idea of what happened in our beautiful FB Group this past week ♡

“This #ThinkingThursday, I’m reflecting on this amazing week!!

My heart is overflowing with pride & privilege to be living my Purpose!


“All of you are so captivating and heart centred. I usually get so distracted and dissociated with some of this work and audios that I listen to. Thanks so much, this is wonderful!”

“That is wonderful extreme self care,”

“Oh my goodness, I see myself in most of your stories. I too was bullied… And may I say, I am having so many AHA moments just listening to your stories! Blessings and love to all of you!”

“It’s been a fascinating journey to see things through different eyes and to have a different experience!”

It’s clearly over now…yet I invite you to ‘Hit Reply’ if you would like me to set you up as a member in ‘Miracle Magnet Zone’ FB Group… so you can watch our replays!

The teachings & tools we shared vulnerably for your personal evolution as a heart-centred human, are RIPE & READY to be PLUCKED for YOUR consumption! 

They are there to ultimately serve your healing & growth so you can shine your brightest to be greater than you have EVER been ☆ 

This enables you to make the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE you were born to make…while living your dreams…and you will NOT die with your REAL MUSIC still in you ☆

Doesn’t that sound SO DIVINE?

If you joined us all week and are  curious to see how our beautiful offer facilitated by one of 6 Miracle Mindset Mentors (One Lead Mentor & 5 NEW Mentors)…

might serve YOU…here it is: www.elvirahopper.com/bundle

Let me know what you think!

At Your Service, 


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