Go 4 Imperfect

Go 4 Imperfect

Go 4 Imperfect

OK...so today's message means a lot to me...and I hope it inspires you too.

Do you allow yourself the grace to NOT be 'perfect' (whatever the heck PERFECT is)?

If you are anything like me, you have struggled in some 'dark places'.

As a kind, sensitive & creative  'People Pleaser', if you can give yourself the grace to STOP being a 'Perfectionist'...and be truly OK with being 'Imperfectly Perfect'... I trust that life can transform in the most beautiful & magical ways for you ☆

This idea virtually saved my life and also allowed me to become FULLY self-expressed in my 'Authentic Act 2', as I realized that people prefer 'Real Over Perfect'. I used to struggle with singing on a stage, feeling that dreadful 'I'm NOT good enough...NOT perfect enough to be here' feeling that kept me small and dependent on what others thought of me.

If they were effusive with their praise I felt some semblance of 'OK'. If they held back, I felt like a failure and wanted to go crawl under a rock.  Honestly, life was really hard back then.

SO blessed for my divinely gifted 'Inner Work' that saved my life and my sanity.  This work has enabled me to let go of 'PERFECT and to embrace being 'REAL'...it has allowed me to become a pro jazz artist at the ripe sweet age of 51.

Wouldn't you say this was a "miracle'? It certainly felt like it!

What would YOU try...if you did NOT fear being IMPERFECT?

At Your Service,


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