OK…so for 2 weeks in a row, my dear friend & colleague Eleanor Hayward has done a wonderful job of sharing our powerful invitation which I invite you to be a part of, if you resonate with her content below!

“Your physical care through Body Work has been my professional priority & pleasure for 20 years, as you likely know 🙏

Since the pandemic, I’ve taken the leap of faith towards my calling, to be of service by massaging not only your body, but your heart, mind & spirit as well by facilitating Inner Work 🌈

I believe Self Love Is the Best Love 💖

Please accept this invitation to the FREE 5-Day Miracle Mindset Invitation next week, in the Miracle Magnet Zone Facebook Group? Mark your calendar now!

You’re welcome to download your copy of the accompanying Playbook (either reply to this email, or access via the Group), with our compliments!

Here we share a sample of simple, yet effective, transformational teachings & tools with powerful questions for your personal development reflection 📝

Join our amazing team of Miracle Mindset Mentors (that I’ve had the privilege & honour to train personally!) at the Facebook LIVE Events from May 1-5th 12-1pm EST (or catch the replays!) 🌟

Hear our vulnerable, personal stories about how we’ve successfully applied the concepts in our own lives, as we’ve unlearned & relearned to love our vibe 💖

Do you find you are merely surviving in any of this “Crap Magnet” quicksand?

~Feeling lost and unsure of your purpose?

~Pointing fingers with resentment or judgement?

~Wondering what it really takes to get off the hamster wheel?

We’d LOVE to show you our SOULutions for thriving as a “Miracle Magnet”! Imagine instead you:

~Peel back the crap to reveal your joyous and true self!

~Identify different actions you can take to get better results!

~Align with the Miracle Life you want and create more of everything you desire & deserve!



learn about “The Vibrational Scale” to raise awareness of your mindset day to day 💩🧲💖🧠

☮ Day 2 (May 2): RELEASE FOR INNER PEACE — learn about “I’m Better Than This (IBTT)” moments & “4 U not 2 U” to give you a choice to react or respond 🙌

💝 Day 3 (May 3): FROM VICTIM TO VALUED — learn about “Angels of Evolution” to take radical responsibility of your triggers as opportunities to evolve 😇

☯ Day 4 (May 4): POWERFUL BOUNDARIES FOR AUTHENTIC LIVING — learn about “The 4 Circles of Personal Power” to truly embody the principle of self love 💗

🍀 Day 5 (May 5): CREATE YOUR MIRACLE MINDSET FOR LIFE — learn about the Invitation to our “Safe Seen Celebrated & Supported” Community, and see if you’ve WON the DRAW 🌟

Join the Group and learn how to ENTER THE DRAW!

We would be thrilled & blessed for your participACTION, in this movement towards #HeavenOnEarth next week 🌎🙏💞

GOOD LUCK to all 🍀🍀🍀

“Eleanor is a very skilled facilitator who knows her stuff. I have attended many types of training over the years and have been a trainer myself. I have very high expectations when I observe a session, and Eleanor exceeded all of them.

She is a great communicator whose presence transcends the online platform and connects with her audience. I could listen to her for hours. Authentic and personable.” ~Scott McLaughlin

At Your Service, 


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