Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok dear Elvira V. ...today's message is for entrepreneurs or those with hopes of becoming entrepreneurs!

The alternative title for this post is "How Entrepreneurs have Success Without Stress" ☆

You see, as an entrepreneur I get how hard it can be to grow a business without sacrificing commitments to the people you love (and yourself).

I remember when I first left my 20 year corporate ROCKSTAR career to live my dream...to finally live in alignment with my TRUE self...after my 'blessed breakdown'...I knew it would be a struggle at first...but I also knew I could never go back to a 6 figure career that had sucked my heart & soul dry. I had 'burned the ships behind me'.

I was in new territory...thrilling, scary yet SO RIGHT ♡

I'm blessed to say that just having the courage to step out to live authentically made me feel successful right from Day 1☆

That is why I was so excited when my friend and entrepreneur, Mimi Huberman Thrasher, told me she was hosting an interview series around this topic, which was actually born out of her own research project to learn HOW successful entrepreneurs are eliminating overwhelm, increasing productivity and living their dream life.

It's called, The Entrepreneur's GPS: How to Eliminate Overwhlem, Increase Productivity and Live Your Dream Life.

This is for entrepreneurs who want success and are challenged by the priorities that come from being career-driven and the priorities of everyday life.

Between 15-20 successful entrepreneurs who have the calling to make money by starting or running new businesses and not sacrifice too much to get it have shared their secrets for success without stress with Mimi.....and 'Yours Truly' is one of her speakers!

Together we want to help you with the HOW to grow a business WHILE having a great life with your kids, significant other or whatever is important to you.

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this link : https://ax415-c4836b.pages.infusionsoft.net

Just so you know you will be able to watch from your home, office or on the go!

At Your Service,


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