Fashion Vibes

Fashion Vibes

Fashion Vibes

OK's message is an invitation to see fashion in a possible new light ☆

I was honoured to work part-time at both an American and Canadian beloved women's fashion retail stores.

I had the opportunity to witness very different clientele and WHY they BUY.

Some would prance into the stores happy & excited to buy an outfit for a special event!

Others were thrilled to be starting exciting new careers and needed a new wardrobe, so they could 'Look Their New Part' ☆ These women were really FUN to serve!

They had a high & happy vibration...and I did quite well styling them in beautiful clothes, of which they bought most of my recommended pieces!

You see, I just LOVED playing with my Barbie dolls as a girl.

Styling & selling beautiful outfits to wonderful women, was like playing with LIVE!

Others however would slink into the stores, often with their eyes glazed over, clearly needing a 'fashion fix' to help fill a 'hole in their soul'.

It was such a palpably low vibration, and my heart went out to them ♡Sometimes they were kind, but oftentimes they were quite testy and nasty, as they were SUCH unhappy people.

It was fascinating how often I would end up life-coaching them in the change rooms.

SO many did not realize just how BEAUTIFUL and ENOUGH that they were.

I used to get tears and hugs on their way out at times. It was a humbled honour to hold a sacred space for 'fashion transformations'.

I truly feel that using fashion to compensate for sadness & low self esteem is a low vibration.

In fact, most would return their items a few days later, out of shame.

I trust you know beautiful souls who struggle, and need outer validation of their worth like they need oxygen (ie: ME in my past life).

However, when we can use fashion for fun and as a celebration of our self love, self worth and high self esteem, it is a high vibration and a beautiful thing ♡

Would you agree?

Please hit Reply and share YOUR perspective on fashion, if you wish!

At Your Service,


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