OK…..so my beautiful siSTAR from Down Under (Unique) Anick Patry & I are thrilled to offer our Double SOULStice a THIRD time this month! 

We would love YOU to join us for some self-care and manifesting magic ♡

We’re nearly half way through the year and we invite you during this Double SOULStice (her winter & my summer) to reassess what you’ve created so far, during this energetically potent time…and to see where your heart desires to guide you for the next 6 months ☆ 

If you tend to be the kind & heart-centred one who gives a lot, even to the point of over-giving, we ask you to take a pause and be held by a nourishing sound baths and receive a powerful process to help you get clear on what you need to co-create…what sets your soul on fire ☆

We will synergize and channel songs from Source/Spirit and support you to raise your vibration and heal at the deepest level YOU are ready for!

We are SO excited to see you on the SOULStice on Zoom on June 21 at 8pm-9.30pm ET / June 22 at 10am-11.30am AEST (You will receive the link by email once you’ve registered)

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“Magical night Double SOULStice. What a powerful idea and experience. It was so wonderful to STOP and do this for myself. The two styles of Sound Bath combined for an exceptional healing experience. I received a download which reminded me to protect my heart more. This was a great way to show my soul and body love. Thank you both for an awesome and unforgettable experience. I am so very grateful I had a chance to be part of this.”  ~Akosua Brown/Book Coach & Publisher

“WOW, the Double SOULstice Sound Bath, with Elvira and Anick was the best calming experience ever! My body needed this more than I knew. The interactive part of the workshop was very helpful with tips to manifest your best life for 2023, with prompting questions. And then the calming, body settling sounds, I felt at peace and today I woke up recharged – transformed. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and talent with so much love and care. Can’t wait for the next one

“I love how you utilise your voices for healing just the sound of your voice is therapy 

“What a beautiful and magical experience, the Double SOULstice Sound Bath, with Elvira and Anick! Every single cell in my body felt calm and peaceful. Then…. When I got into bed, a ‘warmth’ flooded through my body and I had the most fantastic sleep! Thank you, thank you to these powerful women for sharing their gifts with us during this special time of the year! So much gratitude”

“I can’t tell you how much I needed that…thank you again lovely for acknowledging my needs & inviting me to join you this evening. It was beautiful & so are Elvira & Anick & all the souls who shared this tonight. Much love & light to you.”

“The Double SOULStice event was a nourishing experience and the sound healing was divine”. 

~Krystal Hille Founder of Hille House Publishing & Transformation & Visibility Visionary

“The Double SOULStice & Sacred Soundbath Event was truly amazing. The calming effects and releasing what no longer served, in sacred surrender and self care, was truly a beautiful experience. Highly recommended! ” ~ Mary Jane McQueen Creative Studio

“I attended a retreat where Anick ran a voice healing workshop. Anick has a unique ability and practical exercises to help you connect to your voice, as well a beautiful, healing voice herself. If you’re after different techniques to reclaim your voice, I highly recommend checking out Anick’s workshops.” Dina Cooper Founder of Raising Happy Humans

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We’re excited to play with you!

At Your Service, 

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