Be Fierce…Yet Stay Humble

Be Fierce…Yet Stay Humble

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

"Be FIERCE...yet stay humble".

What does that mean to you?

To me it means operating from a place of service.

Serving humbly with your 'Unique Legacy' (the combination of gifts...your Creator gave you that are totally unique to YOU) which is in complete alignment with your 'Higher Self'...who knows & wants to LIVE your beautiful truth...and no one else's.

It feels SO good to operate from this magical space...where miracles just happen!

You see, serving is SO not about YOU. The world needs you to be FIERCE about what you do (because it TRULY matters) yet not get 'puffed up' about it...because your tribe (those you were born to serve) needs it.

Your gifts are not for you to hoard for yourself. Be grateful for your gifts, but watch for pride taking over, as once pride sneaks in your service may lose its authenticity.

As a coach...I'm blessed to see my ROCKSTAR tribe...time & time again...transform from their 'EGO SELVES' (Crap Magnets...where they suffer in a myriad of ways) to their 'TRUE SELVES' (Miracle Magnets...where they learn to get out of their own f'n way & humbly & fiercely serve with their gifts).

Honestly...when they learn to OWN (embody) this...the Universe supports them 1000 X! Positive things, people and situations magically flow to them...with very little effort on their part. They simply show up as their most authentic self, and POOF, magic just HAPPENS! It's SO COOL to hear about the amazing things that they attract ☆

So...I would like you to think about where you live & vibe.

Do you stress, push, control & hustle your way to achieve your goals? Would it be more fun & meaningful to have what's rightfully yours simply flow to you?

Are you ready for mindset shift...for better results in your personal and professional life?

It really can be as easy as a choice. Simply say: 'I've HAD it with being a 'Crap Magnet'. I am ready to be a 'Miracle Magnet'.

Then watch the Universe conspire to serve YOU ☆

Always here to support your amazing journey,




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