Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?


Many people wonder about the value of coaching. Have you ever been curious about how this rapidly growing field can serve you personally?

Fundamentally, coaches impart their intuitive insights, enabling clients to see themselves more clearly.

When clients 'shift/transform' to view themselves differently... they begin to act differently...and in turn get better results in their lives.

We can all get stuck in our 'way of being' & cannot see the forest for the trees in our own life. Friends and family, while stakeholders in our happiness, are usually not helpful in supporting our growth as mostly they are attached to the idea of us keeping the status quo...for their comfort...and to make us happy by not rocking the boat.

This is why coaching has become such a popular option for many people, as having an outside impartial observer of their mindset and actions. simply sharing what they observe, can shift clients from stale status quo to a realization of what may be possible for them.

Just this week I had a lovely dinner with a new colleague I did not know that well...and listened to her story of struggle at home in getting her child to read. It broke my heart as I felt her pain. She personally had struggled with hating school as a child and was somehow projecting this onto her child. I asked her if I could share my insight...and she was open to it.

I intuitively saw that she needed a good healthy dose of 'self love' & 'letting go' in her life...where she could step back from the tight control on the situation and allow it to unfold in a less rigid way.

Her tears and obvious relief told me that this resonated with her...and I sense she will be looking at her struggle with fresh eyes...and hopefully take some new action that will get her and her child some better results.

We all struggle at times...in one way or another. Coaching is never a judgement...just observations coming from a place of love. Clients can then choose to transform or stay stuck. They tend to choose the former...when they make this investment in themselves ☆

I hope this was useful to you today!

Here to support you always,



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