Doing the Work

Doing the Work

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

I trust you know the expression "falling off the wagon"...right?

This term is no more relevant than when it comes to the daily work I prescribe my clients to create the miracles they most desire in their lives.

Just this week, I received an urgent call from a client who had slipped up in a relationship.

She has lashed out at a loved one, demanding specific actions from him to make her feel valued and happy.

It didn't take long to figure out that this lady had let 'the work' slip. She had received SO many miracles (escaped depression & anxiety & began an exciting new career) had been busy & was feeling great!

She proved exactly why heart-centred individuals - as many of my ROCKSTAR clients are, need to commit to themselves and those they love to do the daily work, to ensure they stay positive and undue stress and drama doesn't bubble over to take them out of their 'zone'.

I believe that learning to love and honour ourselves on a daily basis is the only route to happiness and success. My client learned this the hard way.

Here's a good analogy: Just as diabetic needs daily insulin to live, so us heart-centred souls need our daily dose of meditation, spiritual reflection, journaling and gratitude reflections (to name a few) to embody a 'Miracle Mindset' that enables us to attract the life of our dreams & serve the world with our Unique Legacy ☆

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