A Bigger Purpose

A Bigger Purpose

Wishing you a FAB FRIDAY with a brief, yet powerful message...

Far too many of us have 'Sold Out' to a dream that was handed to us...but was never our own.

We live very comfortable lives...and yet our soul knows there is more...SO much more.

Are we surrounded by those who inspire and support us to living a life of purpose? Or are we conforming to what others expect or us or what we believe they want?

Are we living for our own pleasure, or for making a difference in a BIGGER way?

I believe each of us was brought here to serve the world in a way that only WE can.

We cannot rob the planet of our Unique Legacy by staying 'comfortable' in the cozy environment that was created for us, but keeps us 'small'.

May we be empowered to go 'BIG'... so that we may serve... humbly yet fiercely...all while living the life of our dreams ☆

Always here to serve YOU beautiful soul ♡




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