Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day

OK… today’s message is a gentle reminder that we were born to be stewards of our planet. 

We are not here to gather the most ‘toys’… and then compete with each other to WIN some sort of unofficial contest… all at the expense of our earth.

No, I believe that we are genuinely here to serve & support our planet in a way that feels most aligned with us.

Personally, my PPP (Planetary Passion Project…and I believe we ALL have at least ONE) is to ‘Raise Indigenous Voices to Implement Indigenous Wisdom’.

I feel right down to my core that the Indigenous People of the world have a much deeper understanding of the workings of nature and they can guide us back to our truth… like who we really are.

How about you, what do you think is YOUR PPP?

Also…what will you do today to honour our Mother Earth/Mamma Gaia?

Feel free to hit Reply so I can witness your commitment!

At Your Service,


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