Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Yikes...It's actually Saturday...oops...nobody's perfect...lol!

OK....as cliche as this title is, it's truly what I want for YOU...for ALL of your dreams to come true ☆

Are you living your OWN life or have you given away your power...living according to the world's standards...and now you feel like an imposter and don't even know who you really are anymore?

You may have even fooled the world into thinking you have it all together, but you wear masks...in shame.

You usually deal with your 'dark times' in private. Your closest friends may not even know you struggle with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions big or small. You feel like a victim and feel bullied...or you may lash out in pain and bully others. Your important relationships...especially your marriage, are suffering. You feel very alone.

In your lowest moments you may have even toyed with the fantasy of taking your own life.

You might have developed physical health issues too, sensing you even brought them on...as our cells are very wise and know if we are not living in alignment with our truth and highest self. Sickness CAN become our wake up call.

How do I know all this beautiful soul? Because I was you. I'm a kind, sensitive and heart-centred person. I've people pleased on too many occasions... struggled with every issue above and it cost me dearly.

Now, I'm living my every dream, in great health, doing what I love, surrounded by amazing people, my 29 year marriage is heaven...I even became a pro jazz artist at 51 and recorded my first live album on a world class stage ♡ I'm deeply connected to my bigger Purpose...and I truly do not work a day in my life ♡

If a former Crap Magnet like me could achieve my every dream...you can too!

I've witnessed over and over that when we choose to live as our 'authentic selves' and not our 'ego selves', we magnetize our dreams right to US!

How can you do this, you ask?

Well...the 'VIP Mindset Reset', has been making a difference through 1:1 coaching with my beautiful clients for the last 8 years ♡

However...1:1 might not be affordable for everyone or maybe you’d like to transform at your own pace, privately. This is where the 'VIP Mindset Reset Online' comes in!

Now you can learn how to thrive in every area of your life, escape any 'darkness' naturally, create an authentic life of YOUR dreams (not your parents' or society's) and have your Bigger Purpose revealed to you... at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home or even on your smart phone!

The 'VIP Mindset Reset Online' is valued at $997, but I'm giving you the chance to access it at my launch price of $297!

What's even more exciting is I launched the program at the Speaker Slam event in Toronto this week and I offered everyone in attendance a special $100 discount off on the $297 promo price! As a FAB FRIDAY follower I want YOU to take advantage of that discount too!

All you have to do is click here and enter promo code SPEAKERSLAM to get your access at only $197!

A personal development system valued at $997 for only $197?! You deserve it!

Not ready to purchase right away? No worries! I would love for you to experience ONE of the powerful teachings in the course, totally complimentary, just click here to get your free gift! ☆

Offer expires on October 4th, 2018!

Soon I look forward to sharing more about the entire
'The Love Your Vibe Transformation' including 'Miracle Mindset Masterminds' to help you live and breathe these teachings and tools in loving community with wonderful mentors... 'The Love Your Vibe Tribe' which is a magical membership site with beautiful 24/7 on demand offerings which will heal and inspire you in a community setting!

MY dream to serve the world is finally launched...now it's time for YOU to make YOUR dreams a reality!

How will YOU serve the world beauty?

Could 'Love Your Vibe' help get out of your own way and get you there faster?!

If you resonate with my weekly messages...my gut says "YES" ♡

I hope you will join our movement!

At Your Service,


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