Don’t Depress

Don't Depress

Don’t Depress

OK ...never doubt the power of going deep to connect to what lights you up, and going there as often as you can ☆

It need not be ONE thing.

In fact I recommend being FULLY I bet that you (like me) are not a 'one-trick-pony'... amaright?

If you suppress any passion or desire within you, it can burn a hole in your soul and affect your health & relationships.

We can actually make our bodies sick if we hold in that which needs to be expressed.

Not to mention that the world experiences you only 'half expressed', and you cheat it out of receiving you FULLY.I struggled many years out of alignment as an imposter, showing up in the way I thought I was supposed to...that I perceived as acceptable ♡

Depression, anxiety & panic attacks were the norm for me, back in my Big Pharma misaligned/inauthentic life.

Life was very hard back then.

It is very different today.

My depression reversed (as I had requested of my Higher Power) naturally...without drugs & without therapy.

It's been over 11 years & counting that my mental health hell reversed quickly & naturally.

I cry in gratitude some days ♡

My vision is a world where we ALL live #AlignedAndAuthentic & #FullySelfExpressed... from the truth of our #HeartAndSoul and not the lies of our #Ego, as I believe that this state could actually be #HeavenOnEarth ☆

Do you resonate?

Please hit Reply & message me if you desire a shift.

At Your Service,


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