Do What You Love

Do What You Love

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

So today's message is a friendly reminder that doing what you love, MATTERS!

Why does it matter?

Because things that make you happy are NOT random.

They are clues into who you TRULY are.

Many of us twisted ourselves into strange inauthentic shapes to make those around us more comfortable.

We may have squelched our passions and desires to the point where we don't even realize that they are still there.

Who were you before they told you who you HAD to be?

Who did you become to make others more comfortable?

My tribe (kind and heart-centred beautiful souls) have people pleased a time or 22...and many have given their power away to be loved.

Many have pretended to NOT love something they truly love.

I was told that I could NOT be a singer and dancer as an 11 year old because they were NOT 'nice women' (my father used a stronger descriptive term).

I had to pretend I did not care about singing, dancing and making people smile...but I truly LOVED it ♡

I'm blessed to say that I broke free of my family's self-limiting belief system (my dad & his sister were world class vocalists but kept small and safe...and both died with their REAL music still in them).

I believe that their lack of FULL self expression was the reason both struggled with mental illness and both were on anti-anxiety meds when they died.

I've noted time and time again that denying and not connecting to that which you LOVE and makes you feel truly ALIVE has a cost.

Mental and physical health issues can emerge as a result of NOT living YOUR TRUTH...doing what you TRULY LOVE.

I simply walked-my-talk became a professional jazz artist at 51 when I got very real and took my love for singing and entertaining seriously. I've performed & recorded on worldclass jazz stages with Juno award winning artists.

I'm now honoured to be a sacred sound healer and even help the dying to die with more peace and dignity. I serve their grieving family members too ♡ if YOU were to die one year from today...what would you choose to reconnect with and make you feel like you did not die with your REAL music still in you?

Would you pick up that guitar again? Would you take some voice lessons? Would you take a painting class? Would you learn to tap dance?

Please...for the sake of your mental, physical and relational health and happiness you have a duty to DO WHAT YOU LOVE ☆

Oh yeah...when you do, you inspire the world to do what THEY LOVE too!

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