Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK Elvira today's INBOXspiration is coming to you from sunny Spain!

Why you ask?

Because my family is on a very special vacation to honour my one and only son who graduates from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Computer Science this June.

This was no small feat as it was a 5 year co-op program that challenged our whole family...eg: he lived in BC and California on 2 of his work terms...lots of touch and go moments...as I'm sure you can appreciate. Hubby and I are very proud, to say the least!

As much as I'm busily launching several wonderful programs including a magical retreat to Tuscany...I chose to disconnect from my very active social media presence and maintain just a few communications with my team to keep my biz running.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in admitting dependence on my smartphone to run my biz and personal life. It seems to be a new normal for most of us.

As challenging as I thought it would be to not be visible...it has actually been very smooth. I believe my intention made it so.

Stepping back has felt good in my heart and soul...as I feel closer to my to my sweet hubby and son than I have in a long time. Our vacation has been truly wonderful ☆

I highly recommend it, if you wish to honour those you love (I hope you are on top of that list dear Elvira) ♡



At Your Service,


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