Connect to Your Truth

Connect to Your Truth

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauties!

Ok...the way I understand it,you truly have ONE thing to do in this lifetime.

Connect to YOUR one eles''s waiting for you and it's yours and yours alone.

One of the biggest problems my beautiful tribe faces is (as Oprah refers to it) 'the disease to please'.

SO many of us chose our careers based on what others wanted for us. They may have truly wanted the BEST for us...with all loving my parents...who wanted me to become a doctor...but I did not have the I 'pretzeled myself' into someone I wasn't...and became a medical lab technologist... to please my dear mom & dad.

Heck I even fooled myself for YEARS!

Our 'work' in this lifetime is to connect with who we truly are...because who we are is SO amazing...  each of us created with a Purpose...a Unique Legacy all our own...and if we choose to NOT connect with our truth...the world will be lesser off.

You owe it to ALL of us to connect with YOUR truth ROCKSTAR ♡

Here if you need me this is what I'm blessed to do in this lifetime.

At Your Service,


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