Come Clean

Come Clean

Come Clean

OK …so today’s post is an invitation to look real close at how you show up in life, so you can choose to make any shifts that might serve you and others better.

I believe that when we have the courage to get vulnerable/be real and apologize for any harm we may have caused, it can help us BOTH (& possibly others beyond us) to heal & grow.

May we always have the courage to ‘Come Clean’ and take accountability for our missteps.

For example, this past week was a week filled with some major growth for myself and my leadership team.

I got very present to my generational trauma…and I chose to heal by getting very real. By ‘Coming Clean’. 

As a result, our relationships up-levelled, and we feel closer & even more bonded ♡♡♡ 

You see, my mother and her mother both struggled as victims, bullies AND martyrs. 

(*See this powerful article to learn more about this very common dynamic)

The drama that can happen in families due to our unhealed hearts is very clear.

Unconscious & unhealed hearts can ping from victim to bully to martyr within a few minutes, actually.  The best way to get out of this ‘Drama Triangle’ is by doing our ‘Inner Work’ of ‘Coming Clean’, ‘Owning’ our behavior…and making amends.

I realized in the past week that I had inherited a ‘Mean Girl Wound’ (I’ve coined it the MGW) from my mother, and she from her mother…. What a realization. What a wake-up!

When I got very aware that, like my mother and her mother, my ‘Defense’ (Victim/Power Under) has always been a good ‘Offense’  (Bully/Power Over), I then realized that I did NOT have to keep showing up this way. 

I had a great clearing/clean up conversation with my beloved team, as I took ownership and healed (at some level… hopefully, all of it) my MGW ☆

I believe that what we get present to in our behavior, and decide that we no longer need, we CAN heal. 

Moving forward, I will ALWAYS strive to show up as being in Power With/Equal to everyone ♡

I choose to come clean & apologize to anyone whom I may have hurt/harmed when I was unconscious of this dynamic that showed up trying to protect me, and inadvertently controlled me. 

It is clear to me that our ‘Shadow/Ego’ wishes to keep us safe by keeping us unconscious. 

We can, however, ‘Come Clean’ and choose to operate as our Higher/Authentic Self instead.

We can make those amends when we get present to our generational wounds, which no longer need to protect/control us…& hurt others, unconsciously. 

I invite you to become aware of any pattern of your own behavior that may unconsciously be running YOUR show. 

It takes courage. Are you up to it?

Who would you be without this pattern/protection?

Would you be less angry? Less likely to numb out on a cookie, a drink, over-shopping? 

Would you have less expectations of others to provide you comfort (co-dependency) as you honour your own needs, instead, from an empowered place?

This ‘Inner Work’ / ‘Conscious Living” journey is not for the weak of heart. 

It takes courage to ‘Own Our Stuff’, ‘Come Clean’ and ‘Live Consciously’ and in  ‘Power With’ others. 

Personally, it is ‘Inner Work’ that I will be doing till the day that I die.

What about YOU?

I would love for you to hit Reply and let me know what showed up for you as a result of this message today. 

As always, your response goes privately & straight to my Inbox!

At Your Service,


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