OK …..hoping that 2023 is treating you well so far!

Here’s a great concept that I pray serves you well in 2023 ☆

I believe we never CREATE… as if it’s ‘meant-to-be’, it is ALWAYS a CO-creation with a higher guidance!.

It also feels aligned, magical & effortless ♡

Consider that life is WAY more fun when you choose to co-create with Spirit/Higher Power in your VAP (Vibration of Authentic Power/ Manifesting Zone/Miracle Magnet Zone) than outside of it!

My ‘old life’ was much more stressful as everything was about ME…and I lived SO out of alignment, pushing my will and making things happen that my ego felt were necessary, so that I could ‘look good’ and therefore be protected by being validated externally. 

Life was very heavy back then. My marriage & other key relationships were not as magical as they are today.

I remember my best times in my Big Pharma career were when I drank & karaoked with my work colleagues at our National Sales Meetings. 

Those were the few times I lived in my heart authentically…and I wasn’t showing up as a phoney hotshot award-winning sales rep.

Now life is SO much easier as virtually everything I do is ‘in flow’ with grace, joy & ease… connected to and supported by the Source who created the heavens & earth…and ME…and YOU TOO!

Won’t you join me to live in YOUR Miracle Magnet Zone, so you can co-create a beautiful & authentic life of YOUR dreams plugged into YOUR Source/Higher Power? 

Won’t you let me know what wonderful thing(s) YOU will co-create with GLEE in 2023?

Personally, I’m co-creating a book on leadership called: “Shitshow In Tuscany…7 Wisdom Bombs gleaned from one crazy coach’s first international retreat to-hell-&-back-story’! 

I’m confident that Spirit will totally have my back, and that the book will virtually write itself, as the idea & chapters were divinely downloaded to me this past Christmas morning ♡

What’s lies STILL in YOU to DO?

What is the something MORE that’s STILL in STORE?

Hit Reply if you wish to be witnessed/seen, so that you get to breathe MORE LIFE into it!

So have no fear…as you never create…you can always CO-CREATE!

If you wish for some support on your journey…I’m right here ♡

At Your Service,


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