Chant For Health

Chant For Health

OK... today's message is a head's up on a cool practice that may serve you well too!

I'm an 'Amplified Sacred Sound Healer' (ie: I practice a unique modality I co-created as a Sound Reiki Healer & a Jazz Vocalist turned Source Resonance Healer) who has seen first hand that our voice is INCREDIBLY powerful ☆

Check out this great article below from Daily OM:

In many cultures and civilizations, chanting, a form of vocal meditation, has endured through the ages.

Practiced by many people around the world seeking greater health, a sense of well-being, enlightenment, and a connection to the divine, chanting unites the mind, body, emotions, and breath through vocal sounding.

This unification can open and nurture your creativity, lower stress levels, and teach you to become fully alert and in the moment.

Some people are naturally drawn to chant while others feel awkward using their voices in such a way.

Singing along with recorded chants before chanting on your own can help dispel any nervousness.

However, the chanting that will resonate most deeply and beneficially for you is the chanting you do for yourself. There are many different chants. They can be composed of names, words, sounds, syllables, or even sections of text.

What you chant is less important than your willingness to focus fully on the act of chanting itself.

To begin, sit comfortably with a straight back and take a series of long, deep breaths to open and flex your lungs.

Then, take another breath, and with resonant tones direct your breath outward in the form of sound. Simple syllables like 'oh,' 'ee,' or 'mm' are easy to remember.

Chanting lets you raise the level of your own vibration to a higher spiritual state. You can chant as an invocation or to set intention.

Reciting even the simplest chant can bolster a flagging spirit, hone the mind, and produce natural painkillers within the brain.

While chanting, you may feel energy surging through your physical body or joy entering your heart.

Chanting can liberate and ground you simultaneously because it allows your soul to soar freely while compelling you to focus on the here and now.

Will you try chanting?

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