OK...today's message comes to you with much compassion as who I describe below used to be me, for too many years and too many tears. Can you relate?

I invite us to use fashion as a way of celebrating ourselves, not validating & justifying ourselves.

I used to enjoy working as a stylist in a popular Canadian women's apparel chain: The Melanie Lyne division of Laura Canada to be exact.

It made me so sad when some very well-heeled women stepped into the store with a glazed-over look in their eyes.

I could tell that they were there for their 'next fix of fashion'... another 'hit'.

Many would purchase items and shamefully return them days later when they snapped out of their 'retail therapy trance'. Trust me, I remember what it was like to need outer validation of my value like I needed oxygen.

I over-shopped, constantly seeking approval and evidence of my worth. Life was so very hard back then. I struggled in virtually every area of my life as I knew no other way.

That is what can happen when we live out of alignment.

Today is very very different.

The complete opposite really.

I use fashion to celebrate me, not validate me. I AM enough.

I believe that when we do our 'inner work' we need not be defined by anyone or anything... but only by how we feel about ourselves.

What do you think? Please hit reply and let me know how this message lands for you.

At Your Service,


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