Celebrate YOU

Celebrate YOU

Celebrate YOU

OK...hoping that these 'Dog Days of Summer' are treating you well...and that you are taking great care of YOU, especially during this global pandemic.

So this past week I turned 59!

I am SO excited to enjoy this final year of my 50's...knowing in my heart & soul that my 60's will be my 'best decade ever' ; as I continue to 'Walk My Talk'/'Love My Vibe' and evolve into my BEST most 'Aligned, Authentic & Fully Self-expressed' self ♡

Trust me...it wasn't ALWAYS this way...Before my 'blessed breakdown' that led to my powerful breakthrough/transformation, I used to be terrified of getting older.

For 20 years, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry which valued youth & beauty and the thought of getting older, less attractive, and more irrelevant scared the bejesus out of me.

What an awful way to live. A woman commented on my birthday post about me being excited to hit my 60's next year and confessed that she was terrified of soon turning 70.

It made me realize how blessed I truly am to reach a place where getting older no longer frightens me, but excites me.

I truly cannot wait to hit my 70's & 80's, 90's & beyond. It is a privilege not everyone gets. Apparently living to 120 will become 'A Thing' according to scientists!

I firmly believe that when we are consistently doing our 'Inner Work' (Loving Our Vibe) we get to be always evolving into even better & truer versions of ourselves ☆

I invite you to always celebrate YOU...as you are a unique & beloved creation of your Creator, brought here to serve the world in a way that only YOU can ♡

Imagine what life can be like with no fear of aging!

If you can use some inspiration & support for your mindset, so you can be excited about YOUR '90's too...just hit Reply, and let's chat!

At Your Service,


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