Canada Day

Canada Day

Canada Day

OK... so today's message is for my fellow Canadian friends.

Yesterday, I processed a lot of mixed emotions.   Canada Day has been a very celebrated holiday in my family, every year since 1968 (we immigrated from Italy to Canada in the fall of 1967).  SO much gratitude we have always felt, as Canada welcomed us with open arms.

We, as an Italian Roman Catholic family, had no clue of the atrocities that had happened at the residential schools run by our Church.

This year my beautiful indigenous sister Marilyn Rose posted this and it helped me process the collective sadness I felt right down to my bones, especially yesterday.

Regardless of how you personally chose to celebrate (or not) yesterday...I hope you can find comfort in these words too...even a day late.

I'm inviting us all to elevate indigenous voices!

Marilyn and her daughter are hired to speak by many corporations and I wish to honour them in this, my weekly love letter to you ♡

They speak about overcoming adversity…finding & embracing the gifts in every experience. They also speak about Indigenous Spiritually….Rising Above and Beyond Reconciliation.

You can book them here:

'There is a time and place for everything'.

There are so many different opinions and ideas as to 'what is the right thing' to do for Canada day this year, in light of what has been revealed around residential schools.

What we do, or don't do today won't change what has happened.

We can't change the past , but we can change the future.

We can change the direction of the future by being united in unconditional love, compassion, understanding and respect.

And how we show that is as individual as we each are.

And we can honor today... the present, with the best intentions...

So today, I will celebrate Canada day in a unique way.

I will celebrate it by declaring how proud I am of my Indigenous ancestry.

I will celebrate the resiliency that has been passed on in spite of the atrocities they have faced.

I will celebrate the cultural teachings (I learned as an adult) that have guided me on my path.

I will celebrate the strong Spiritual connection/relationship I have with our Creator, because of what I learned from them around connecting with and respecting all things, all people & especially Mother Earth.

I will celebrate the endless possibilities of the good/gifts that will come out of us embracing & understanding each other, finding compassion & forgiveness, and learning from our history so we don't repeat it .

And I will keep in the forefront of my my mind & in my heart all those who have lost loved ones and send them love & prayers.

I will celebrate for them, the love and compassion people from around the world are sending them as they mourn and pay their respects.

And last but not least, I will celebrate being a Canadian.

There are still many things to be proud of. Let's not forget what is still good here, how many good people there still are.

How much love, care and concern we have for each other.  Let's celebrate that."

I thank Marilyn for lifting my spirits today.

Please hit Reply and let me know if her words touched you too!

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