BIG Birthday

BIG Birthday

BIG Birthday

OK  …today I beg your indulgence as I’m actually on vacation in beautiful Antigua celebrating my 60th birthday ☆

What do I love best about being 60?

I love that I feel better (and I’m told that I look better) than when I turned 30.

You see, back then I had no clue what living in alignment even was.

I was too busy working in a ‘man’s world’ (selling lab equipment to hospitals) and behaving like a man…where my ego ran my show.

I was not a happy person and I needed outer validation of my value…constantly. 

I won some impressive sales awards and felt pretty special for a day or two, but I was like a bucket with a hole, who virtually could never feel fulFILLed.

Imagine what my poor family & friends experienced when I lived SO empty & SO stuck.

A whole lotta YUCK 🙁 

Well, today life is very different. 

I love me. Truly. I’ve removed my egoic masks. 

The irony is that the world seems to follow my lead. 

Life is a very sweet miracle after miracle ☆

I wish to bottle this and share it with the world…so everyone can love their vibe & feel as wonderful as they deserve to be ♡

Are YOU living aligned, authentic & FULLY self-expressed?

If not…do you want to? 

Trust me…it’s NEVER too late ♡

Finally…if you would be so kind to offer me a birthday gift by ‘Hitting Reply’ (it comes directly to me) and tell me what you like BEST about ‘FAB FRIDAY’…I would be SO grateful ☆

At Your Service,


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