Be Worthy of Them

Be Worthy of Them

So this week I was asked to challenge the parents in my beautiful community.

You see, I was perusing my LinkedIn a few days back, and came across a very alarming video featuring a very distraught emergency department physician, pleading to "leave the babies alone" he had noticed a spike in kids coming into his department with injuries.

I cried. It broke my heart. I know we are much more stressed as a humanity. I do have much compassion for that.

But what a sad sad state of affairs when parents feel the need to take their fears & anger...etc. out on the little ones in their care.

What can we do about this?

I implore that parents reach out & ask for professional support in whatever way resonates most with them.

There are a myriad of modalities & programs out there to support parents.

The personal growth SOULution that I founded and transformed me for the simply ONE of them.

I believe that it is in our 'Rock Bottom' moments that we mostly get our 'Eureka Moments'...where we CAN decide we will NEVER be a certain way ever again.

I remember my own mother who smacked my backside with a wooden spoon virtually every day from about the age of 8 to11 years of age...finally stated that she was DONE hitting me. That was the day that she stopped.

I don't know what hit HER on the head...but I was sure glad that it did 😜

You see, my family immigrated to Canada when I was 5. My parents were very unhappy and didn't have the option to go back home.

So, I being the less controllable child, (my brother was very quiet & stayed put) beared the brunt of their frustration.

Corporal punishment was the method of choice for Italian parents back then. Today they would call it 'child abuse'.

I think my mother feels shame to this day. We don't talk about it though. She truly did the best she could from her state of conciousness. I forgave her a long time ago...I hope she forgave herself.

Our relationship is really quite amazing today...because I've done MY inner work. It can actually only take ONE party to have a transformation to affect an entire relationship positively.

I'm a firm believer that 'the inner work' can help keep us all in a better we need not feel out of alignment with control frustration...with a need to take out our issues on our beloved children.

When I had my own son...I never once laid a hand in anger on him. The chain of family abuse ended with me.

I believe it was Maya Angelou who said: " When we know better...we do better".

Are your children worth you doing your inner work so you become a 'concious parent' intentional one...vs. 'a reactive one'?

I believe that you truly CAN do ANYTHING you truly just need to get your mindset right.

If you are curious about what might serve you best...or if you wish to forward on this message to someone you believe might be struggling right now...I invite you to do so...and hit reply to speak with me directly.

If I can serve you to YOUR next level...I would love to!

At Your Service,


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