Be Kind


Be Kind's message is truly simple...and I believe crucially important today, more than any other time I can remember, in my 58 years on this planet.

As an empath, I've been especially feeling the heaviness of SO much stress & strife in our world today.

Politics, Social Justice, Pandemic... weighing humanity down.

Have you been feeling this energy too? We cannot know everything we need to know to keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable.

Sometimes I feel SO helpless. Yet I'm in the process of learning to become a better ally & human.

My white privilege needs to serve a better purpose on this planet than me having a comfortable life.

In spite of not always knowing the right thing to say, I feel that we can ALWAYS choose kindness & compassion.

This we CAN do.

How do YOU feel?
What do YOU believe?

Just hit Reply & connect directly with me, to let me know your thoughts!

At Your Service,

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