Be Kind & Real

Be Kind & Real

Be Kind & Real

OK’s message is a simple yet powerful one if you are a kind ‘people pleaser’…as I was for too many years and too many tears.

Can you relate to saying ‘Yes’ just to be liked/loved/accepted?

When you become aware of this very disempowering habit, you can do your ‘Inner Work’ and flex the muscles that allow you to say YES when you MEAN YES…and NO when you MEAN NO.

This doesn’t make you mean. This makes you REAL.

I believe that being REAL is BETTER than being kind.

Be kind because you are kind…not in order to GET something. What if you could shift away from ‘People Pleasing’ as a natural ‘Go To’ behaviour…which is all too typical for heart-centred people who feel they need ‘Outer Validation’ more than their own “Inner Validation’?

Remember that insincere kindness can be hollow & vapid.

People are smart and can generally see right through it.

We prefer REAL over KIND.

Kindness expressed to 'get' or 'be liked' can feel yucky, as it's controlling & manipulative.

Being kind to others because you have done your ‘Inner Work’ and because you love and honour YOURSELF is a whole other level of 'kind' ♡

What do YOU believe?

If you are truly sick & tired of wearing the mask/veneer of kindness, just to be liked/loved/accepted…please know that you are better than that.

Please hit Reply and let me know where you’re at!

Hey…that rhymes…lol!

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