Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary

OK ...every morning, you make a choice: Either you’ll be ordinary, or you’ll be extraordinary.

U2, Van Morrison, Gilbert O’Sullivan make a choice to be extraordinary every single morning.  What’s different between you and them? They know what I want YOU to know: That when you commit to conquering your fear and step into confidence, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

When I first took the stage at the age of 51 as a Jazz singer, it took the kind of courage I didn’t realize I had to share my gift with the world.
As a result of choosing extraordinary, my healing abilities and musical gifts have fused together to create an even more deeply aligned version of myself as an artistic healer.

This is why I’m inviting you to watch CONQUER YOUR FEAR - STEP ON STAGE WITH CONFIDENCE LIVESTREAM so that you can share your gifts with the world, like I do!  I will also be speaking in the FB group on Oct 6th 3pm EST so hope to see you there!This Livestream is led by the remarkable Patricia Daly: a professional musician, who played before His Holiness Pope John Paul II and HRH Prince Oniru of Nigeria and her students have played before both US and Irish Presents.  A certified music coach / confidence coach and founder of Self-Transformation Through Music, Patricia helps artistes overcome fear and perform with confidence.

THE CONQUER YOUR FEAR - STEP ON STAGE WITH CONFIDENCE LIVESTREAM features a panel of successful musical and personal lives. Because they put their heartfelt sense of PURPOSE FIRST they're showing up confidently for themselves and those they serve..

You will learn how:

  • Exploring your internal qualities fuels your state of creative flow from inside out, anchoring in an unwavering confidence and reconnecting you to your strong sense of purpose.
  • A healthy mindset helps you connect more deeply to your inner knowing, inner strength and deeper WHY.
  • To build resiliency for and reduction in performance and overall anxiety…without sacrificing your compassion and heartfeltness… so that you are empowered and grateful.
  • Good social media skills enhance your online visibility and bring your creative work to a wider audience.

If you think you’re confident and brilliant now, just wait. When you put your state of self-confidence FIRST, your happiness and success will spill into every area of your life.

Each day starting on Oct 4th, highly skilled artistes will share how conquering fear improved every area of their lives (and careers)!   I will be speaking on Oct 6 at 3 PM in the FaceBook group!

I want YOU to have this experience. I want YOU to be the EXTRAORDINARY ARTIST by signing up and joining me in this journey!

At Your Service,


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